We are awaiting the green light to head into pre-pro for Real Mommy Confessions with AkyumenTV.  We had hoped to to be shooting by now but these things take time to negociate so, for now... we wait!  Here I am, with my partner in crime, Bianca Jamotte, at LA Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles last fall outside the Laemmle Theatre to watch our block.

Film Festivals

July 2017

Lots of great festival news!  I just received word that my work on Flush the John has been honored with Best Editing at Long Island International Film Expo!  I will be heading that way in a couple of weeks to receive my award, a first for me. Next month, the same film is an Official Selection at Long Beach International Film Festival.  Then, in September, our series, Real Mommy Confessions is an Official Selection at Austin Revolution Film Festival for "Best Web Series" and Bianca Jamotte and I are nominated together for "Best Director of a Web Series"! It looks like a bit more travel is in store before we are ready to stop with all the fun and get back to production.  Both trailers are below and our ever growing list of laurels from this past year: 


Jennifer Enskat

Real Mommy Confessions