Corporate Videos (with Production Companies):

Ear-Prompter & TelePrompTer Proficient

Medical: Ohio Unemployment Division (Mills-James), Nutropin AQ (Mills-James), Ross Labs (Media Group, Screemin Butterfli, Horizons), Mt. Carmel Medical Center (In-House), OSU Medical Center (MediaSource), New Albany Surgical Hospital (In-House), SHPS (Bisig Impact Media)

Political:Ohio Ethics Commission (Brainstorm Media)

Industry:Jay Industries (DRM), Lucent Technologies (Kramer Group), Lubrizol (Cinecraft), Timken (Tarelli Video), Therm-O-Disc (DRM), Intel (Sandlot), Meyer's Pumps (DRM), Carton Service (DRM), Federated (In-House), AEP (In-House), Thomson Electronics (ImageMatrix), IBM (Mills-James)

Stores:JoAnn Stores (Gateway), Lazarus (In-House), Macy's (In-House), Federated (In-House), Dunkin Jewelers (DRM), K-Mart 

Beauty: Sally Beauty Supply, Tressa

Food: Sustecal, Borden (Mills-James), Wendy's (In-House)

Transportation: AutoNation (Qwest), Acura TL (Lyon Video), Jeg's Automotive, (Horizons), Safelite Auto Glass (Mills-James), Buick, Whitey's Auto Mall (DRM), Toyota (Videobred), USDOT (Image Magic), Travel Centers of America (Video Productions), Pontiac, Reynolds & Reynolds (Mills-James), Buick​

Education: Ontario High School Job Shadowing (DRM), Flint Michigan Police Department (In-House), North Central State College (DRM), Pioneer JVS (DRM)

Financial Institutions:Provident Bank, Key Bank (Cinecraft), Nationwide Insurance (Colelli, Mills-James), AGI.Bank One (Digital Vision, Media Group), National City Mortgage (Take One), Ernst & Young (Cinecraft), NCR (DRM)

Household:Electrolux (VidCam), Frigidaire (Mill-James), Illumilamp (UDComm), MTD Yardbug, Charmin (Curtis), Kaeser and Blair (Signal US), GE Advantium Oven (Videobred, Curtis), Buckeye Water Heaters (DRM), Ball Bike (Ozone)

Housing:Dominion Homes (Mark Braver), Norton Commons (Videobred), Showcase Homes (In-House)​​​​

Jennifer Enskat

Live Presentations: 

General Electric: ​Trade shows with chefs Alton Brown and Martin Yan/Las Vegas & Orlando

Finn Power: Cleveland IX Center

The Limited: French Storyteller/Christmas Event/Main Headquarters

Lincoln Mercury: Detroit & Chicago Auto Shows with Sports Panel: Al Kaline, Jesse Owens, Byron Nelson and Tony Trabert

Cadillac: Detroit, New York, Chicago & Dallas Auto Shows

Honda: Seattle Auto Show

Texas Instruments: Anaheim Convention Center

Television Commercials: (national unless otherwise noted)

​​Food & Food Prep: Brim Decaffienated Coffee, Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hidden Valley Ranch, Bob Evans, McDonalds (US & Germany), Coffeemate (with Peter Marshall), Lifesavers, Countrytime Lemonade, New Trail Granola Bars, Dannon Yogurt, Wrigley Spearmint Gum, Totino's Frozen Pizza, Kellogg's Cereal, Old El Paso, Cuisinart (Canada), Zone Power Bars, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Wesson Oil (with Florence Henderson), California Summer Fruits - Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Bartlett Pears

Automotive: Pontiac, Chevrolet - Cavalier & Impala, Dodge, Datsun, Nissan Sentra, Avis, Lincoln-Mercury Cougar, Chrysler LeBaron, Goodrich Tires, Auto Express (Pennsylvania), Marathon Gasoline, Ohio E-Check, Toyota Camry & Avalon, Mazda

Business: Verizon, Western & Southern Insurance, Road Runner Business Class, IBM, Office Depot, Ohio Edison, Seattle Post Intelligencer, UFCW 1099 (Ohio), Nationwide Insurance, Texas Instruments, E.F. Hutton, Citibank Visa, Toshiba (Japan), Northcoast PCS (Ohio), GTE, Novartis, NCR, Microsoft Vista (with LeBron James), Bank One, Bank of America, Huntington Bank (Midwest)

Education: Kent State University, Lorain Community College (Ohio)

Jewelry: Dunkin Jewelers Ohio), J.B. Robinson Jewelers, Monet, Vendome, Fred Meyer

Beauty: Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Selsun Blue Shampoo (Canada), Ultra Brite Toothpaste, Scope Mouthwash, Redken (with Lyle Waggoner), Assure Tampons, Noxzema, Irish Spring (Irish Accent), Aziza Cosmetics, Scandia Cosmetics, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Carefree Maxipads, Sally Beauty Supply

Alcohol: Paul Masson Wine, Lowenbrau, Michelob Light, Inglenook Wine

Stores: Gale's Garden Centers (Ohio), Sofa Express, Sun TV, Cunningham Drug Stores, Federated, Vons (California & Nevada), Builder's Emporium, Giant Eagle (Ohio, Maryland & Pennsylvania), Venture Stores, Broadway (Canada), Big Bear

Politicals: Lorain Country Issue 58, Pennsylvania School Choice, Henderson for Judge (Ohio)

Toys: Mattel (dir. Adrian Lyne), Cabbage Patch Kids, Fisher Price

Recreation & Travel: Florida Tourism (British Accent), United Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Square 2 Golf Clubs, Q Sports Club, Tucson National Resort & Spa, Polaroid Cameras, Cincinnati Reds, Louisiana Tourism, State Express 555 (Hong Kong & South Africa), Ohio Lottery

Medical: The James Cancer Hospital (Midwest), Pepto-Bismol, St. Vincent Medical Center (Ohio), Haring Chiropractic (Ohio), Mediprin, FemCare, OSU Medical Center, St. Mary's Hospital (Pennsylvania), Bristol Meyers Squibb

Clothing: Hanes Pantyhose, Polaroid Sunglasses, Nike (with LeBron James), Static Guard (with Marion Ross), Levi's, DSW, Kinney Shoes (tap dancing with Ken Berry)

Household: Charmin, Voraspring Mattress (singing & ballet), Mr. Clean, Clorox II, Pampers, Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaners (French & Spanish), Joy Dishwashing Liquid, MTD Yardbug

Radio Commercials and Voice-Over: (national unless otherwise noted)

Food: California Summer Fruit, McDonald's, Zone Power Bars, Wendy's

Automotive: Chevrolet Blazer, Impala & Cavalier, Ohio E-Check, AutoNation (Pennsylvania), Liberty Ford (Ohio)

Business: United Way, Fox 8 Winter Coat Drive (Cleveland), (Ohio), Cleveland Plain Dealer, Northcoast PCS, Intel, OhioKePro, Battelle Institute, Nationwide Insurance

Stores: Kroger, Old Town Mall (Nevada), Dunkin Jewlers (Ohio), The Diamond Cellar, Sears Vision Center

Political: Lorain County Issue 58, Craig for City Council (Columbus)

Recreation & Travel: West Virginia Tourism, Xavier Women's Basketball, Cleveland Indians, Ohio Lottery Powerball

Education: Lakeland Community College (Ohio)

Medical: Healthwise, Medical Mutual, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Women's Care (Ohio), Birthing Center of Mansfield (Ohio), 

Household: Foundations for Energy, Lakeridge Apartments (Nevada), Joy Dishwashing Liquid, Pampers, Charmin, Sonitrol (Ohio), FemCare, Moen

British Accent: Florida Tourism, A Proper Garden, The Limited & Limited

Express (storecasting), Prozac (Daphne Moon impression)

French Accent: The Limited & Limited Express (storecasting)

French: Boursin, The Diamond Cellar, Monro (storecasting), Electrolux 

Spanish: Sears Vision Center (storecasting), Helena Rubenstein

Cosmetics (Mexico), Electrolux, Mutual of Omaha