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Theatre Festivals

The month began in New York performing in two short entries in this year's The Navigators theatre festival. The first piece, entitled "For the Living", is about the pitfalls of cloning humans.  I play the doctor, shown above in one of the rare humorous moments in the play.  The second piece, "Always Never Now", is an exploration of the meaning of "time" and "forever", as one of three military test subjects willingly cut off from the world in a locked room from which there is no exit.  Performed October 1st, at The Upstairs Theatre at St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Williamsburg to an enthusiastic crowd of sci-fi fans.

Here are the trailers for both projects:

October 2017

Real Mommy Confessions is the WINNER of BEST WEB SERIES at Austin Revolution Film Festival!!!  We had a great time in Austin, meeting a great group of talented filmmakers.  We feel honored to win in such a strong category.  

Coming up this month, our dramatic short Flush the John is an Official Selection in Reel Recovery's Los Angeles event as well as at Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City, New Jersey.